User Guides: Contractors on Client Sites

Avoid the following when working as a contractor in a client's offices:

  • talking
  • cursing
  • talking AND cursing
  • grunting
  • discussing your adult male friend's attraction to 14 year old girls
  • talking
  • attaching electronic equipment you were hired to install but forgetting to plug said electronic equipment into the power source BEFORE installing it to the ceiling mounted bracket where it is unable to be plugged into the power source then mentioning you'd forgotten to plug the equipment into the power source so everyone knows you cocked up.
  • talking
  • talking to me
  • singing advert jingles for Mazda vehicles
  • talking about other customers and jobs
  • making jokes about present client such as "oh we don't have to bother about doing a good job of that, afterall, it's only [insert company name present client]"
  • dropping stuff
  • giving the impression you need my computer to test the data projector but, in fact, checking your Trade Me auction online
  • leaving your grubby and numerous fingerprints all over the very very expensive new data projector.