Linky Linkbuckets

A bunch of links have crossed my path this week - some new, some revisits for me but all of them are worth a look-see:

  • The Sith Sense - from the makers of the Subservient Chicken. (thanks to The Pit for the linkage)

  • Having a bad day at the office? feeling alone and helpless? Clientcopia might help, if only to help you remember idiots are a global problem.

    <snippet> client: "you've sent me a proof of my print job, but my artwork was double sided and we've only got one side here". me: "turn the piece of paper over..."</snippet>

  • This link carries a general warning: don't click this link! It contains snarky recaps of your favourite and not-so-favourite shows - I have fallen into Television Without Pity and I can't get up. (thank you truck, I think)

    <snippet> No, seriously. We get it, Opening Death Sequence. We know that you're all about the big fake-out, the zig when we think you're going to zag, the observation that even our own fragile mortalities are most entertainingly ripped away from us to the sound of the grim reaper pulling his hand away from what seemed an inevitable handshake but instead becomes the reaper smoothing the hair on the side of his head and yelling, "PSYCH!" We know that even the most precarious series of activities (hot tub, tequila, fat man sex, etc.) will eventually undercut our expectations for the scene. We know we know we know. So you don't have to pull the rug out from under us every week, okay? I look forward to this opening segment finally cannibalizing itself to the point where one caricature looks at another and observes among a series of unlikely near-death moments, "Man, this whole thing is turning into, like, a bad Six Feet Under opening." At which point, I will rise from my couch, stride over to my window, and leap through it, leaving an exact silhouette shape of myself behind, Looney Tunes-style. My fall will be broken by a woman wheeling a grocery cart, who will collapse to the ground below me, surprised but unharmed. The two of us will attract the attention of a passing motorist, who will watch us enacting our slapstick stunt and take his eyes momentarily off the road. When he looks back, we will note that he is about to strike a squirrel who has wandered in front of his car, so he'll swerve madly and barely miss hitting a crossing guard and a group of second graders who are just beginning to cross the street. Once safely on the other side of the street, one of the second graders will drop his lunch. Another child will pick it up and hand it to the crossing guard, who will instantly lapse into anaphylactic shock and die from a peanut allergy. The fucking end.

    Anyway, on to the actual show.

    A young girl pets an adorable kitten. From seeming nowhere, an axe hurls itself into the frame and lodges itself in the child's back.

    No, I'm kidding again. But don't tell me it's not possible. </snippet>

    (read more from this Six Feet Under recap.)

  • Gay Boyfriend - I can't remember who showed me this, but yay, I'm so glad they did *hums along*.

  • of course..what list of links is complete without George. (for Rosie)