Take the rest of the day

Why do I make people wait? I should say to the client "No, I'm in the car on the way to spend the day with a friend, I can't make that change now." but I don't. I look at the time, and how I'm only about 2kms from home and say "Ok, email me those specifications and I'll make that change" do a U-turn and go home, phoning my friend and telling him I'm going to be late. I make him wait. I make him wait while I misunderstand the change-request and cock it up and have to redo it when I get home anyway.

I got there eventually - an hour late to pick Nick up but he said he'd got lots of work done - which is a good thing on one hand, but a bad thing given the fact it was his day off.

We had a blustery Auckland waterfront day, which included Kelly Tarltons and seafood for lunch and the longest trip to the airport ev0r - due mostly to me being tired and my car's autopilot needing a nap.

I was struck again by how Auckland is very commerce and retail focused. As we drove through [far too many] suburbs to get to the Airport, I realised why I'd had so much trouble trying to think of something fun to do on a Friday. Auckland's pretty useless if you don't want to shop. Ok, there's the Museum and the Zoo, Motat and Kelly Tarltons, Rainbow's End and The Botanical Gardens down in Manurewa. but that's about it really. Well Ok, with hindsight there's the indoor snowboarding place, and the bungee off the Sky Tower or the Harbour Bridge and a bunch of other stuff that costs money - but for just doing something fun and on-the-cheap there's not a lot going on for midweek skiving off. If you don't want to shop, there's not a lot to do. I am not sure Aucklanders realise the Mall isn't a recreational outting.