How much wood can a woodchuck chuck...

    I've been trying to gather my thoughts into a blog-post but been having trouble doing that. I have managed to gather them into bundles - some related, some not - so I've grabbed some bullets and just going to throw them on here Pollock-style and see what happens.

  • I've banished excessive white-space from the 'jar forever - actually, Rosie did. Ages ago she sent me a spell from Moveable Type Book of Magic Potions and I thought i'd used it, but obviously hadn't because I looked at the template yesterday and it wasn't there. So I actually *put* the snippet which tells the page to hang on to a certain number of posts on the front page and it worked (as things tend to do when you *actually* use them) So, no more worrying that your browser's not displaying the sterling content of thejamjar.

  • I've been talking to a company about working with them - maybe this is really a "rosie list" because the job [name of corporate] are talking to me about would be so *perfect* for Rosie that if her circumstances were different [ie: she wasn't half way up Mt Everest on her 5th successful ascent] she's snap this job up in a flash or rather, they'd snap *her* up in a flash. But lucky for me, they don't know Rosie so I seem quite attractive to them in this instance. I've had two interviews [for want of a different word] and I'm waiting to hear whether they're going to let me loose within their organisation. I'll keep you informed.

  • I've got a dishwasher. Not that there's much to say about that - everyone knows about dishwashers. I unloaded it this morning and all my dishes were sparkley clean and my bench is clean and clear. It's wonderful to have a dishwasher again after over 5 years without one.

  • I've been asked to teach another nightschool class. Last term I taught Digital Photo Enhancement using Photoshop Elements. I'm going to that again this term and probably, for the rest of the year. The College has 7 students enroled in the Website Design for Beginners (Tuesday nights) and they've asked if I could teach that 5 week course as their regularly scheduled tutor can't. So, I thought that sounded like it could be fun, although it's possible madness considering I'm on the brink of a new and very challenging job (fingers crossed) I already teach another night during the week, plus a few clients who like to give me work in my capacity as a Freelance Designer not to mention my secret squirrel activities [which i'm not going to mention here] and don't forget about lovers, family and friends. I guess I'm a bit of a busy squirrel at the moment which probably means lots of blogging and ranting because that's how it works.