hi Dave (Dave's not here man)

davidc says: you're up late
davidc says: bet your watching porn
Jonathan says: /
Jonathan says: yeah
davidc says: um okay
davidc says:�are you michelle
Jonathan says: lol... no im not micheele
Jonathan says:�i *know*michelle tho
davidc says:��aaaah
Jonathan says: we have the same taste in men...
davidc says:�is diego michelle?
davidc says:�~confused~

Jonathan says: lol... really its not me... she is a real other person
davidc says:�worst part is picturing you in a dress
Jonathan says: yeah that would be pretty bad...�
Jonathan says:��i dont do to bad in a habit... tho id have to shave
davidc says: ~veryscared~
davidc says:��it sooo is you
Jonathan says:�it so not! she is cool tho... does that make me cool too?
davidc says:�lol, yeah, cause she's you too