Just as well this isn't a photoblog

Pulling my Warriors' cap over my unruly hair on my way out the door this afternoon's game, I thought I'd leave my camera/telephoto lens behind because it is a bit bulky, and I was trying to travel light [$30 cash and lipstick]. And wished, no less than 5 times before I got home, that I'd been able to take a photograph of some of the things I saw today:

1) Wairangi Koopu giving us (East Stand supporters) the thumbs-up after scoring or assisting tries in todays match. The Warriors beat the South Sydney Rabbitohs 46 -14 *that's my team!!*
2) The extra tiny, extra young, unsticking-plastered cheerleaders and their pompoms (sorry Chris, I'll do better next time)
3) Brent Webb in dark suit trousers, white shirt (top buttons undone) FOUR FEET AWAY FROM ME!! NO, I mean.. no.. I didn't pounce on him like those *other* women.. I'm one of the *cool* fans.
4) Baby sparrow hoppiting along the footpath between feets of fans leaving Ericsson. (chased the birdlet under a boulder to save him from being trampled)
5) Band of red t-shirted youth marching for celibacy "Self Control is the best Contraception" (they all walked at an uptight pace)

Cheese-and-crackers, Grommet! Camera goes EVERYWHERE I go. OK?

(PS: admire my rosey glow - yes, it's Autumn and I got sunburnt. It's still hot here in Auckland)