FQ1: Any pets as a kid?

As a kid I seemed to always be asking to be able to keep some animal or other. The first pet I can remember was a ginger cat called, funnily enough, Ginger. Technically not *my* cat I suspect, but according to the Laws of Nature, all items/animals/people I like in my house/home/vacinity belong to me. Me.. you understand? ME! There were tropical fish too but after the whole lounge-flooding-incident we never did have any more.

I had a budgie named Ollie who didn't mind being under the blankets with me, my torch and my book late into the night. He used to sit on my head and groom my long blonde hair. There was a guinea pig who virtually lived in my school blazer pocket by day as I'd smuggle him to school. Funny how animal poo didn't worry me so much back then. Mice, always with the mice - I seemed to like mice a LOT and often. God how they smell to my grownup nose. Caterpillers/butterflies/tadpoles/stray kittens/feral kittens/mice did I mention mice? those field ones are *fast*.

Moving out into my own place and I had another cat - she used to come running with me and would get *really* pooped. So would I so we would flake out on the grass together. She ended up running away due to an abusive flatmate. Then there was Hilary - named for her climbing abilities. She was a domestic long haired cat and I had her for about 14 years before I had to put her to sleep when she failed to cope with sudden blindness. She was a lovely cat. She suffered through me picking up strays - Frances (tabby cat), James, Russell (both ginger females) - she minded Russell the least.

Now I have Mouse.. and she's growing out of kittenhood rapidly.

nap time

FQ2: Any pets now?

Mouse - Best Cat in the World. Black tabby with razor sharp claws which she used with precision the other week to rip my contact lens while it was still in my eye. Her latest attention seeking behaviour involves clawing the small of my back until i *have* to respond. She used to play fetch - now she only plays fetch when she misses catching the toy. She leaps and twists in the air to catch the toy in her paws.

In the last week I've let her go outside and she's taken to it like a duck to water.. or like a cat to the outdoors! I am overprotective and worry that she'll get lost so insist she wears a collar with a bell while she's outside. She doesn't mind the collar anymore because she knows it means she is about to be let out and runs to the door after I put her collar on waiting for me to open it then she's *gone* in a blur of black speed.

She comes back into the house every 15-20 minutes to tell me all about outside. She jumps up onto my desk and *meowmeowmeow* tells me *pat pat* all about it *purr purr* I smooch her and she's gone again on another adventure.

FQ3: Name your favorite famous pet from television or movies.

I didn't really like stories with animals.. shows like Lassie and Black Beauty used to make me cry. And don't even remind me of the Snow Goose *lower lip tremble* oh god *cry*.

Probably my favourite pet from television was K9 from Dr Who.

FQ BEST FRIEND: If money and legality were not a barrier, what exotic animal would you like as a pet?

I'd like a Polar Bear as a pet. He can stay as wild as he likes so long as he likes me and doesn't try'n remove my contact lenses or liver or anything like that.