You get paid how much to work at TVNZ?

OMG.. did anyone catch How Normal Are You on TV1 last night? This was my first Wednesday IN in weeks (been teaching night classes on a Wednesday evening) and I was looking forward to watching Lost.

My remote is stuffed.. dropped 50 too many times and although the sellotape is holding the whole thing together, the buttons are a bit alziemic sometimes skipping channels (only has a forward and back arrow to access the four channels) sometimes switching the tv OFF when all I wanted was to channel surf. ANYWAY. That's beside the point except I couldn't get off Channel One fast enough.

Could they DESIGN A LAMER INTERACTIVE SHOW? I don't think so. Test the Nation was borderline and yes I did do the last one but at least it only lasted one evening.. this new one goes on for weeks!

Jeebus H Creamcracker.. how abnormal is TVNZ. What a pack of DINOSAURS! (they should be in elearning) Take a concept..albeit not a great concept to begin with.. suck every last ounce of fun from it, stick Kate "my kids cut my clothes with pinking shears but I'll wear them anyway" Hawksby in front of it and Wednesday nights become "how many ways can I gouge my own eyeballs out with a spoon rather than watch this CRAP" nights.

Oh dear Lord, it goes on for 10 weeks and i only have TWO EYES and ONE SPOON!!

Lost is dumb too - so much promise, so little followthrough. I've decided Wednesdays are a rightoff. Thank goodness I am back to working Wednesday nights ASAP.