Somersault R16

Dear Sir or Madam

This evening I came to your Rialto cinema in Newmarket to see the movie Somersault. Unfortunately, your ticket seller refused our purchase because my daughter Amy did not have ID to prove she is 18 years old on May 5th.

Your ticket seller claimed that she couldn�t let us in to see the movie because there was a �question� of Amy�s age and ID must be produced just like �buying cigarettes or alcohol� she said. Besides the fact my daughter does not look like a 16 year old, we were not out to buy cigarettes or alcohol but to have a nice evening together seeing a movie blissfully unaware it was rated R16 or with any thought that we should grab proof of identification before leaving our home.

I completely agree with age restriction. I also agree with producing ID in such situations if there is a question of age. But given the fact she was with her mother, and that she looks her age of 18 years old, I think your ticket seller was over zealous in her duty refusing us admission. At the very least she should have asked direction from her Manager, and I should have contained my incredulous surprise at being refused entry to your theatre to ask for her supervisor too.

I don�t know about other parents, but I for one do not drive to theatres 40 minutes out of my way just to smuggle my children into R rated movies. Thank you Rialto, for ruining a perfectly good, and rare, mother-daughter date.

Your disgruntled patron,
Michelle Park