Thursday Evening - beginning and end

sky tower reflected in Philips Fox building, Auckland

I keep meaning to write something in here that link these two photographs. I'll do it soon.

Don't you just *love* the colours in the Phillips Fox photograph?

I had a very social Thursday. It started with my usual walk with Sue which was, as it usually is, action packed and full of words. Though it was slightly different with the addition of me slamming my thumb in her car door which has to be one of the dumbest things I've done in a while. I know have a very interestingly coloured but no longer (it's Saturday you see) swollen thumb and can use the spacebar on my keyboard again.

After fighting with Sue about ice/no ice and me having to pull rank (contrary to popular opinion I do not like being fussed over if I say "stop fussing over me" it's not a ploy to get more attention it's a straight-out "i'm able to look after myself") I had the great good fortune of a very pleasent lunch and afternoon natter with friends of a friend of mine. I've never met my-friend-Dave-in-Atlanta, but now I've met his friends who are visiting from the States. Max and Amy and Ari were delightful, easy and extremely pleasent company. We met at the Atomic and Ponsonby. The food was good, the coffee was great and Ari loved the sandpit full of digging equipment.

Time came to move myself into town and meet up with Mera for a catchup-drink that we both seem to have had trouble organising over the last few weeks. The weather was blustery and the outside-seating at the Provedor was rather artic. But we struggled on and drank beer and caught up until Todd came to escort me to dinner and the rest of my evening.

I'm telling you, I have a tough life *dramatic*.

Todd arrived looking all windswept and gorgeous, his hair blowing in the wind. He even provided shelter from the rain by remembering to bring an umbrella. We made our way up to Yakatori as if we'd planned it - it's so good why go anywhere else, and talked and ate and sake'd until it was time to move down to Shanhai Lill's for more talk and a nightcap.

If you don't know where Shanghai Lill's is, don't worry - it's quirky and small and intimate and I don't want you to find it because it's ours. I'm sure you'd hate it *anyway*. We talked shop a lot. Talked relationships. I talk about things with Todd I don't talk to *anyone* about - I'm not sure how he gets stuff out of me but sometimes I think if there were any eavesdroppers they'd be privvy to some pretty private stuff.


The bar was empty apart from Russell (owner) and his guest. He expected Easter Thursday to be quiet and it was until we arrived it's not that we were loud, but the whole gang of women who followed us in made for a lively, attractive, suddenly-full bar. It was fantastic. Women draped themselves over the soft and cosy furnishings and talking, laughing, just being completely fabulous and lively.

But as with all evenings, our time is dictated by the ferry timetable and Todd's last one went at 11pm. He escorted me to my car, and his selfportrait below is how he amused himself while I searched for my parking ticket.

I had a thoroughly delightful Thursday.

Self Portrait by Todd