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" "If I were him (Chris Taylor), I'd be shooting myself. I'd be pouring petrol over myself and throwing myself off Auckland's tallest build-ing," said Mr Ralston.

He also claimed Holmes and his team of "no reporters" rarely broke stories and Close Up showed them up every night.

"Night after night after night we break stories and we treat them originally."

He said the same could not be said of the opposition. On Prime's exclusive Cave Creek interview last week, Mr Ralston said: "Yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn."

He criticised Holmes' Suzanne Paul exclusive before going on to say: "It's crap. You know it's crap, I know it's crap and the viewers know it's crap." And he was critical of the decision to change TV3's 6pm newsreading team. Since newsreaders Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts replaced Campbell and Carol Hirschfeld, the network has lost about a 10 per cent share in the Auckland market in its target 18-49-year-old bracket. ... "

The New Zealand Herald article

*knee slappingly funny*

I can't *wait* to see Campbell Live 7pm Monday night.. it can't *possibly* be worse than Close Up and Holmes is *so* last century.

UPDATE 22 March: I wrote this on Sunday, and due to technical difficulties with my host have been unable to post it until now [and you've not been able to comment *misses your comments*]. Okay, that's not *strictly* true. The missing-your-comments is true. Due to me posting-it-then-deleting-it-due-to-lack-of-confidence this wasn't posted on Sunday when my host was working, then yesterday after I'd beaten myself up for being so lame and silly about not posting stuff I couldn't post it because of technical difficulties. OK? Satisfied now? now you know I can't even fib a little? well OK I *can* fib a little.. but not to you. NOT TO YOU!

So Campbell Live [g'day yous fullas] was on last night and it was good. It's him, you see. If you like John Campbell you'll like this show because he's just so charming.. to me anyway. He can mow my lawn anytime and no, that's not a euphemism, I've seen him wield a lawn mower and he's no novice. PLUS - he's gonna have a fortnightly book club. YAY! (though what's with the jaggy pixel outline of JC on the site? c'mon designer, fix that up!)

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