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My family always said I talk too much - and I guess this proves it.

I'm amazed and slightly embarrassed at the same time that there are so many words here until I remember it's not just me. Rosie, JJ, and Chris are pretty fond of a chin-wag here as well - not to mention you regulars who comment here most days/posts (not that comments count as posts, but I am a hungry-for-attention and will blog-for-comments): Jonathan, Eroica, Fishboy, David, Truck, Sarah, Barb and Phet. Not to mention you newer visitors: Mike, Llew, Morphess, Max, Barry and the occasional famous blogger *waves to Julia* (who comes here a lot but is only occasionally famous) and .. Truck again?. Plus the rest of you who visit and hardly ever comment - but I know you're out there *squints to see shadowy forms of Dave, Anna, James, Frank, Bill and Sphere and is that, no.. is that Klie? Truck, stop getting into all the lists!*

This isn't the Academy Awards so I won't thank the catering crew or the drivers, but just send out a big "air foodge" to everyone who visits and let's hope we don't make 4000 posts cos that would be really unmanagable achive files (they're in enough of a borked-up mess as it is) and far too many words.