Time-lapse post

vodafone tower

This was photographed yesterday when it was overcast - today it is hot and humid and blue sky as far as you can see. This post will evolve throughout the next little while. Why? because I can't wrangle my words very much at the moment and some stuff happened today that I want to tell you about. And because I need a cup of coffee so I'm gonna go do that now. *posts*

right so *back with puffed wheat and no coffee* today is HOT. Squinty eyed, my arm is burnt from driving my car, road is melting *hot*. It's so nice to go places with air conditioning and of course the first place I went to this afternoon didn't have any. I had a mid-afternoon meeting with a local college who had asked me to teach a few nightclasses when i popped in there with my brilliant How To Blog course which, of course, they didnt want because pft, who the hell has heard of *blogging*. But, they needed a person to teach Photo "enhancement" they call it - you know, getting rid of red eye, cutting people out and sticking them in photos there were never in to begin with, putting your head on Colin Farrell's body - all that groovy digital stuff.

I know how to do that stuff - not *well* but well *enough*. Trouble is, I can't teach. The last time I taught anything it was in my cousin Debbie's family garage (a very nice new swish Skyline aluminium garage - all the rage back then) calling the role (made from names from the Listener) to my imaginary (I wore glasses made of magnifying glasses so as to look "teacherish" but looking back I figure I just looked "freakish") class (not so much as one doll - all invisible students) and although, I might say, I did a bloody good job of teaching my class *ahem* I'm not *overly* sure going from that to teaching 14 adults is *quite* the easy step it might at first appear to be. Oh.. coffee is ready *post*

*back with coffee* So.. basically, they've given me a book on Photoshop Elements and 7 x 2 hour classes and said "teach them" which is all well and good EXCEPT a component of the class description is "taking better digital photos" and I'm all WTF? I can't teach THAT. I don't know *how* i just point-and-shoot. so I guess i have some homework and try'n figure out what a person might want to know if they are new to digital photography/digital photo "enhancing". um.. help? *posts and thinks about more stuff to write*

And then after that, I had another meeting further South in Manurewa, but I can't tell you about that *whispers* it's a secret.

And then after that I went down to Drury to Greg's work so his mechanic could look at my car. My car is old and it's not aging gracefully. It's not even classically old it's just - old. It runs well but bits break and make strange sounds and earlier this week it was sounding more like a tractor than a Nissan. The first thing the mechanic said was "get some other poor sucker to buy this! off load it!" I got all defensive and bleated how good a car it was *really* even though I know it's really not the best. Then Greg and his partner Steve got into the act. Three men looking at my car, topping up the oil, washing the crusty battery acid from around the connections, generally being my Pit Crew for a few minutes.

Steve: Oh it's one of those wanky engines that's in sideways
Michelle: yeh, I like those wanky ones that go in sideways. That's why I married Greg *pit crew chuckles under the hood* and pretty much exactly why i divorced him too. *Pit Crew laughs while Greg makes huffy noises*


Um, oh, maybe I didn't have so much to say afterall.