Unhappiness is..

um.. I don't have a cat anymore.

This morning, the kids who had found the cat a few days ago came around and took him [turned out he was a boy] away saying the girlfriend of one of them had promised the cat to someone else and she wanted it. So I had to give Mini back.

Then, after spending most of today feeling quite sad, they turned up again with Mini saying that person had decided she *didn't* want the cat afterall, so I could have it.


Short lived - just a few hours of deflea'ing, combing [he lovvved being combed] smooching, feeding, playing, foodging and computering [he snugging between me and the keyboard while I uploaded stuff] one of the boys came back and said that the owners had shown up and wanted their cat back.

so, yeh.. no cat. I'm really very sad right now.