This weekend I...

got a bit sloshed
phoned for company (bring wine)
woke up too early to a cooked breakfast I didn't eat
took far too long to get over my headache enough to drive
bought 6 escargot (pastry scrolls) from Bakers Delight
arrived late to class (but didn't miss anything)
drew a horse (on a piece of paper)
got a bit lost (listening to a guy talk about propaganda)
learned to say hello and goodbye in Spanish (adios!)
tried very hard to speak some Dutch (failed to speak much Dutch *sch*)
passed on the chocolate while thinking about stress
shared my 6 escargot (pastry scrolls)
watched a variation of the pickle-jar time-management-metaphor
learned to shimmie (belly dancing 101)
got horribly nervous unexpectedly
taught some people how to make fridge magnets
gained a basic certificate in teaching adults
received a postcard (made my day)
slept a whole 10 hours
dozed another 2 hours
drove to Botany Town Centre to buy a book
bought a Nintendo DS instead
played multiplayer Mario Bros while drinking great coffee at EdBrowns
hugged an 83 year old woman
practised my game skills quietly at home after being beaten soundly during multiplayer Mario Bros game (game name: Captain Un-co)
picked up for cafe reconnaissance mission
drank a really mediocre coffee at a new cafe (vowed not to return)
managed to control my temper
paid my tax on time
paid my GST on time
paid my late file fine to the IRD (from last/last time)
took outrageously cute photos of my (sometimes demented) kitten
wondered briefly if I had enough money to cover my tax cheques (see nintendo purchase)
stopped worrying (read: didn't care)