Guarana Pusher

Me, walking into the service station and noticing the RedBull promotional Mini parked close to the door: *oo, a redbull mini - i must buy a can of V*
Her in her tiny faded denim miniskirt and bare legs, pushing the product: Excuse me, would you like a can of RedBull?
Me, walking back to my car: ah.. no thanks.
Her, following me: no wait, it's free!
Me, turning but still walking back to my car: no, really, I just bought a V, i'm good.
Her, persisting: yeh, we saw you buy the V, you can swap it for a RedBull, free of charge.
Me, trying to leave: Look, no, really, I'm good.
Her, insisting: Just, first, please, tell me, why did you buy the V? did you buy it for yourself?
Me, sighing, stupidly NOT leaving: because I'm tired, and thirsty and I saw your mini and it made me want one.
Her, screwing her nose a little and saying: you know, we have scientific (at this point I start to turn to leave again) evidence that RedBull..
Me, having had enough: look, I like the taste, okay? I just.. like.. V.
Her, screwing her pert little nose up some more and pulling a face at me: ew.. really?
Me, not staying to have my tastes insulted further, turning, leaving, calling back: yeh, really.
Her, still talking about RedBull's "scientific evidence" but I'm not listening, I've left.

If I'd *had* my V inside the service station I think I might have nipped the entire thing in the bud by telling her the V *wasn't* for me but for my pet cockroaches. Now *that* would have put a scowl in her brow and shut her the hell up. Pushy skinny blonde haired annoying little slappa.