Coming Attractions

It's that time of the day, when my intake of caffine is such that my fingers feel the need to move over the keys and tell you stuff - that and I'm so_very_sick of changing all the 14pt text to 12pt text except where it needs to be 16pt text for no damn-good-reason and if I see another hyphenated paragraph i'm going to climb the nearest clock tower and start picking off those personally efficient people in expensive tailored business suits. And to save those few poor bastards who usually suffer through great long stream-of-conscious emails from me when I get like this I decided the blog draws the short straw today. I like to strike while the iron is hot [yeh, right] even if it's to tell you of something i'm *about* to do, rather than something I've *done*.

I was going to say something else then but I forgot. Maybe it was just the font size thing*. hm.

So, yeh I know, I'm really good at starting things, but putter out along the way - like the Illustration Friday thing: one friday, one friday, miss a friday, what friday? so take it with a grain of salt when I say - I am planning to go to the movies a minimum of once a week because I'm missing too many films - and going to try to make *one* [read: preferred] of those nights a Budget Movie Tuesday because lets face it, $14/reg.night is just too much money to pay for a movie. well OK, some movies are worth their weight in gold but most movies aren't but I still want to see them so that's the plan.

Tonight we have Finding Neverland at 6:30pm and although I'm considering that seriously I bet it'll be sad and I'll cry and BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, yes I do cry at a lot of movies regardless of their emotional strings because well, sometimes, I just do. OK? *stern finger* I bet I wasn't the only one who cried at AI. And *everyone* cried at ET, I'm sure I wasn't the only one still crying leaving theatre.


oh yeh, there is also Electra on at 7:10pm and I doubt *very much* that's a tear jerker so that might be the one to see on a day I am feeling a little fragile due mostly to the double digit number of coffees I have consumed since 6:30am.

Look I can't be bothered to even link to those movies.. you all know how to use Google by now if you really need to go watch trailers and such. Which ever one I go to, I'll tell you about, even though you've probably seen both by now because I am _so_far_behind_the_times it's not even funny.


not even a cough, let alone a laugh out of that one.

*look.. I have this thing - well i have this world of things that irritate me but this thing irritates me on a weekly if not daily basis. And hell, I may even be wrong but what the heck, it's my ball and this is my game and god dammit when you talk to me about fonts can you *please* get it the way I like it? A font is a specific typeface at a specific size.. so.. Helvetica 14pt Bold is a FONT. Helvetica is the TYPEFACE. Helvetica is not a font it's a TYPEFACE. I mean, I don't even care if that's right that's just the rule in MY office so we are all speaking the same Anglais, capisca?

Speaking of which can we PLEASE clarify what we mean by PROTOTYPE because after 4 years of misusing this word it's really starting to grow warts and feet and get a life of it's own and is spitting bile at people from it's dirty corner of my brain and if we don't curb it soon there'll be an almighty hell to pay one day.

A Prototype is not something that is *thrown* together in an afternoon - it is something that proves the concepts, the structure, the coding decisions etc. It is built to be *broken*. It takes a _long_time_to_MAKE. It requires input from _all_the_team and it has to be *designed*. What most people who use the word prototype around me *really* mean is "interactive sketch" or "pretty thing with a bell and two whistles to fool the client into believing 55K is not too much money to pay for a powerpoint presentation and a postage stamp"


gawd, I'm on the wrong blog again aren't I.