Magazine Killer

I saw him as I drove past, but I was too intent on parking the car after not being able to find space in the client's car park. Walking up to the offices, I was a few minutes late for my meeting so my walk was brisk. I saw him up-ahead. He was going into each shop doorway, one after the other. I figured he was selling something or dropping leaflets off - but as I got closer I realised he wasn't entering each shop, but just their doorways and alcoves. He had a rolled up magazine in his hand, and he would lean out of each doorway, looking up Pitt Street and pointing his rolled up magazine at arm's length. I thought maybe he was pointing at a friend, saying hello but there wasn't anyone in the Taxi he kept pointing at, or anyone else on the street that I could see when he changed the magazine's focus.

He popped out of the last doorway and started walking up Pitt Street slightly in front of me. He glanced behind and we made eye contact. He slowed until we were walking together. God, I was late - I didn't want to talk to this guy and I kept up my brisk walk not making eye contact again. He said "They should be all dead by now" God. I ignored him. He lifted the magazine up again, pointing it at arm's length up the road in front of us and made noises as if he was a child shooting a toy gun. "That taxi should be dead by now, I've filled it with enough lead!" I made a surprised sound, I didn't mean to but I did - like a laugh crossed with a surprise, and looked at him and he looked back "I'm gonna kill them all, you know" he shot some more things with his magazine as we slowed to wait for the crossing lights, picking off the people standing across the street waiting at the intersection. I didn't answer him or look at him again. He stood beside me for a while, then the lights changed and we could cross - he went further up Pitt Street and I crossed to the Vodafone building.