Kiwifruit Fangirl

I did - I yelled at the screen.


I yelled.

Of course, he didn't hear me - he was on the telly-vision hosting KiwiFruit. (that's a horrible photo of him btw - splattered tshirt guy)

Surprised and delighted to see the fabulous Kevin Alexander on the TV screen. Yes, I knew him before he could foodge!

Best line from Kevin before I saw him on the tv: He slammed his leg up on the table, his boot huge and worn (but in a fashionable way) on the table in front of me. "Big Foot" I said.. he said "you know what *that* means" and I looked at him and smiled and he said "yup.. HUGE cock!"

Best line from Kevin on the Tv: *dressed in lederhosen and playing with a particularly thick salami* "Summer holidays in Winter destinations - so hot right now."

I know, he wouldn't remember me now - afterall, it was a long drunken night that started with his boot and ended up with a foodge session and I was wearing a cardigan. Cardigans have a habit of obliterating memories. But I still have tapes of his voice.. somewhere... [stalker music]