Read My Badge

Book Store Guy: Oh, you're a Telecom person.
Michelle: *looking down at the security card around my neck* ah, yup.
Book Store Guy: Where in Telecom do you work?
Michelle: hmm, Broadband.
Book Store Guy: You guys are *so* hard to get a hold of!
Michelle: we are? We don't mean to be.
Book Store Guy: Hey, how do I go about getting a new Self Install CD?
Michelle: Phone the Helpdesk's 0800 number, they'll sort you out.
Book Store Guy: Oh, right. Yup. My dad reinstalled Windows and now we need to reinstall the modem and stuff.
Michelle: now, you're not going to plug that modem in til the Self Install disk tells you to, are you.
Book Store Guy: No ma'am. I got told off for doing that last time.
Michelle: Good on ya, you call the Helpdesk, they're trained and helpful and they'll sort you out with a new disk and any other help you need.
Book Store Guy: sweet!!

Michelle: *noticing the coffee Pod lady's head stanting slightly to read my name on my security badge*
Pod Lady: Mee sheelll?
Michelle: Park.. Michelle Park. yup.
Pod Lady: ahh.. Meeshell Park.
Marshmellow Guy: Michelle Park. Good name!
Michelle: yeh, Park is a popular Korean name.
Marshmellow Guy: Yes! very popular in our country.
Michelle: yes, I'm Korean you know.
Marshmellow Guy: *laughs*
Pod Lady: *laughs*

New James: Let me see your ID Photo?
Michelle: *shows badge*
New James: *looks*
Michelle: *lets*
New James: *looks*
Michelle: *lets*
New James: *looks* cor, you'd never tell from looking at this.
Michelle: never tell what?
New James: You actually look Professional in this photo!

Hospice Admin: You're here to fix the phone?
Michelle: *realising* wrong fecking badge!