Remote Blogging

So, did I mention I was going away? No? Well, I'm going away.

Was sposed to be Friday but it's been suggested Thursday'd be a better idea. I'm not sure what I'm doing; either way, by lunchtime Friday at the latest, I won't be in Auckland again until the 16th at the earliest.

I'm off to Wanganui Summer Art School via Rotorua to pick up my Aunty Patty who's coming with me. 7 Days of drawing from the nude model is my idea of a *good* time actually, 7 days of drawing *anything* is my idea of a good time - the fact it's from my preferred subject, the undraped human figure, is just utterly wonderful.

I've been trying to do this in a variety of ways for years but my head has always had a way of convincing me that slaving for my employer was always a more urgent need. Now that I work for myself I said "Self, get thee to a summer school" and booked it last year. We were lucky to get into the course in the end. But a phonecall and a plea saw us pencil'd in and money followed promptly enough that they held our spots.

The other cool thing about this trip is that I'm driving down now. I was originally going to fly or bus or something else but then I decided driving fast and singing loud was a way funner idea.

So a) road trip and b) nude people. Wanna come?