Stacking Shelves

Oh *groan* I can't *sleep*

After Sunday night and not being able to get *any* sleep, last night I downed two whopping vodka'n'oranges and managed to sleep *and* dream, but tonight I'm just *boing* wide eyed. This is crazy. This has been going on too long. All I seem to want to do all day is nap and daydream but at night it's bushy tail and wide awake. And it's not just the not-sleeping - it's the not being able to concentrate on *anything* while I'm awake; so I can't read for more than a few minutes or work on anything at all or hell, doing-the-laundry might be nice.

It took me four days to take down my tree and put the decorations away. I just kept "wandering off" every few decorations.

Oh crap, I'm going to clean the fridge. At least if I get all the shelves out I'll *have* to finish the job cos there's nowhere to put them but back into the fridge.