FQ TOPIC: Fearful

FQ1: What is the biggest fear you've had to face? Now that it's over, would it scare you to confront it again?

FQ2: What is your greatest fear that you've not yet met? If you were paid loads of money, would you willingly face it?

This sounds like a thrill seeking question and the answer should have something to with with flinging myself off a high building and trying to reach the ledge on the other side. I have so many fears it's difficult to imagine just one being the greatest.

I have a fear of falling. You cannot pay me enough to fall unless you can guarantee I won't compress all my organs, break all my bones, and split my head open all over the pavement at the end of the fall.

FQ3: What is something most people are afraid of, but you don't have a problem with? Why do you think that is?

I don't have a problem with spiders, after the initial fright of seeing something big and black out the corner of my eye. I also don't have a problem with mice, though don't make me deal with a rat. I know a lot of people who are afraid of both spiders and mice - I had both in my bedroom as a kid so I grew up with them.

FQ Movie Night: Your readers are looking for a thrill! What's the scariest scene from a movie you've ever seen?

No contest - the shower scene from IT. Oh it made me shudder just to type that. His white gloved fingers coming up through the drain, spreading it wide *shuddering* I was frightened in the shower for the longest time after that and had some of the quickest showers in my life during that time. Even after all these years, I get fluttering shudders at the thought.