FQ TOPIC: Possession

FQ1: What is your favorite possession made mostly from wood? It would have to be my wooden filing cabinet. It was a scungey old mess and I painted it. Although I'm not a huge fan of painted furniture, I have an extremely soft spot for this one.

painted cabinet

Metal? My Jamie Oliver frypan/wok. There's not much I can't cook in this baby, and its so easy to clean - and it can go into the oven. Awesome!

Jamie Oliver wok

Plastic? Hands down my iBook. It's satiny plastic finish makes me mmm happily when typing on it or stroking it lovingly.


FQ2: What is your favorite possession colored mostly red? The small collection of Ferrari cars. I don't have any desire to own a Ferrari, but I do have a long, low, lust for a Formula 1 dyecast model.

model cars

Blue? The glass paper weight I bought in Rome, Italy. I bought it as a gift for someone but my selfishness has bettered me and I've kept it for myself. I love the clearness of the glass, the blueness of the flowers, and overall the weight of the object. I like heavy stuff.

blue paperweight

Green? The most equistite green of the bowl my darling friend Freya bought me for my birthday years ago. The slight crackle in the glaze, along with the delicate colouring makes everything you put into it look and taste marvellous.

beautiful bowl

FQ3: What is your favorite possession looking mostly soft? My bed. It's soft, especially with the sheepskin underlay, and the electric blanket. Such a welcoming place at the end of a long day. In the mornings it's the most snuggly place to be.

Sharp? My patchwork scissors. Sharpened twice a year, and used only for cutting cotton fabric. Not paper, or sandpaper, or fuse wire. FABRIC. that's it folks - deviate from the rule at your peril.

Fragile? Wedgewood Sarah's Garden dinner pieces - cups and plates, patters and eggcups.

sarah's garden

FQ Net Worth: If your nine prized possessions listed above were stolen, what do you estimate the total cost would be to replace them?

painted filing cabinetfound cabinet, $20 paint and brushes, 24 hours of my time$1080
Jamie Oliver Wok$220
Apple iBookG4$2230
Ferrari Models10 x $4.95 1x$14.95$64.45
Italian Glass PaperweightReturn Airfare to Rome $1919
accommodation $600
paper weight $190
Green Asian BowlIrreplaceable-
Bedcirca 1975$30
ScissorsStainless steel, plastic handle$69
Wedgewooddinnerware, cups and eggcups$850