Blogging Without Tears.

Ah well, it's true; I am a sook. I cry at movies too, not just your run of the mill Snow Gooses [every christmas as a child], or Tuesdays With Morries [the joy of dying well], but your AI's [he just wanted to be loved] and ET's [started 10 minutes in, was still going walking out of the theatre] and the like. Advertisements too; Air New Zealand [when the man cries seeing his granddaughter for the first time] and Telecom adverts [because they're so expensive and horrible to deal with]. Know me, love me, pass the hankies.

Yesterday was Wednesday and I had the great pleasure of having a long snuggle with one of the cutest and bestest babies on the planet. Bella is so cute, looks like her Dad with her Mother's lovely mouth. Rosie looks fantastic without even adding the "for only having had a baby 3 weeks abo" caveat.

Today is Thursday, and like most mornings of the last few weeks I've been working since 6am. Well, okay *admits* I didn't get my feng shui together until 7am this morning and I put the blame squarely on Sake.

I am *really* tired of starting my work so early and then staying up too late. I'm sure there's a solution to be had in there somewhere *blank stare* but I'm blowed if I can find it.

"maybe you could go to bed earlier?"
"no,, no.. that's not it"

My Jetstream (adsl) is fully on and I can totally yak to James on the phone while checking my site statistics every 30 seconds so I am a very happy camper. Thanks especially to the lovely Russell at Orcon for his attention to duty above and beyond what he is paid for.

My coffee table arrived today. I have instantly forgotten what wood it's made from and it is so big I can't see the television but hey, I have something to rest my feet and laptop on so that's another Tick in the Happy Camper box.

Although my shin splints make my walking-by-the-river-mornings painful, there is hope in that the anti-inflamatory cream smells nice and staying off my bewildered stilts for a couple of days might fix them. Weird how it comes and goes - I was doing long walks last week and no pain whatsoever.

I phoned (this is almost a bulleted list, isn't it?) my Aunty Patty this week to see if she was interested in coming to Summer Art School in Wanganui with me in January 2005 and she's keen as mustard. Both of us Homer-drooled at the prospect of 7 days of full time Life Drawing. I picked up an Edgewater College brochure today too, and they're offering Life Drawing classes this term so I'll sign up for that class - Selwyn College is good but too far away.

Oh look, I tell you, it's all go round here mate!