and I Got..

And I�ve Got

... a new coffee table. I've been looking for a while - failing. It's like buying saucepans - not terribly exciting. Hard to make a decision without a passionate leaning one way or the other. I didn't tell the guy in the store I'd take the one I decided on because it'd be easiest to scuffup and repaint when I get tired of the smooth finish. Now I have something to rest my coffee cup and laptop on. Yay!

And I�ve got

...a tummy full of fruit. Seems the traditional annual French Toast at the Atomic Cafe every September with my sister, Jo, has evolved to fresh fruit and yoghurt. Very tastey - we're both on the same wavelength. So nice to see her as always, we giggled our brains out.. I came *this close* to getting her to spit her coffee out in laughter but my timing was a tiny bit off and she managed to hold it in - just. There's always next time.

And I rock the car to the Fast Crew up loud on the way home, a convoy with my sister's van full of *sisters* from the conference they'd been to all weekend.

Clap ya hands to this one
And I�ve got

...the best day - look at the sunshine. It's warm and calm and bluuueeee sky from horizon to horizon.


Not for one minute did I ever doubt you
Always holding it down for my crew
Cats be like ooooooo
And I dig ev very thing about you
And I�ve got soul for all my pea pull
And I�ve got crew support that don�t fold
And I rock this till I�m grey and o-hold
And I�ve got you with me so let�s ro-hole

And I�ve got

.. to go and pick up a geek from GAGGLE. I can't tell you what or where that is without having to kill you straight afterwards.

And I�ve got book my car in for a service. Don't let me forget to phone Garry tomorrow.

And I rock
And I�ve got

..funny kids:

david: "you know how funny Zoolander is? well, mulitply that by 10 and you're still not even CLOSE to how funny Dodgeball is"
simon: "why don't you just multiply it by a bigger number?"

Leaving it to me you best be believing
Throwing these punches get down it�s duck season

Today's post was brought to you by the letters Fast Crew and by the number You.