Weekend Update

ellen, 14mths, rotorua

I spent Saturday night in Rotorua. I left Auckland after lunch - no need to rush these things and sang BonJovi songs for 3 hours to my cousin's house in Rotorua. It's a 3 hour drive and worth it just for Aunty Pat's corned beef, mashed potatoes and cauliflower - what a good day to decide to visit. As a bonus, she made cinnamon scones.

It was jolly cold - I can't tell you how cold but the frost was still on the grass at 10:30am Sunday morning. The sky was huge and blue, and the house was warm and snug.

Not long before I arrived, Mark had an argument with a tree while mountain biking and ended up with a busted shoulder which meant he was confined to the couch and to most movement too. Poor Kristy (his wife, my cousin) besides still feeling ill from her morning sickness, and having a nappy-rashed toddler, had to help Mark with everything from putting on his socks to eating his cinnamon scones!

So the visit wasn't long but it was nice. Driving around Rotorua and taking photographs until hitting the road to get back at a very civilised mid-evening last night.