FQ TOPIC: Olympic

FQ1: Which Olympic events are your most and least favorite?

My most favourite event in the Olympics has to be any and all medal ceremonies - I cry at every one.
Ping Pong is the dumbest game EVA and shouldn't be at the Olympics, rather, it should be kept in the rumpus rooms of New Zealand and Australia.

FQ2: In what Olympic competition would you have the best shot at a gold medal?

I have always had a natural talent for sychronised swimming. Remember that time in the spa pool? Even with all that champagne and the panic attack by the drain, my routine was flawless.

FQ3: If you could add or invent a new Olympic sport, what would it be?

Bullrush should be an Olympic sport. You know bullrush: the game where the entire school but one lines up along the baseline of the rugby field. The One kid who isn't on the line is standing, alone, in the middle of the field. He calls out a name at the top of his lungs. He calls the slowest, weakest of the herd. He does that because he needs to catch this person. To catch is to grow stronger in numbers, to miss is to be stampeded by the entire school. I mean Rugby League is basically bullrush with a ball, right? This sport'd be very popular with the viewing public.

FQ PITCHMAN: Propose why your home town should host the next Olympic Games (your choice Summer or Winter).

I think Auckland'd be great to host the Olympics because we could do it with very little alteration to the city. The rowing could be held on the Tamaki River, the Gymnastics at the Expo Centre, Athletics at Erikkson Stadium, we have a Valodrome in Manukau and a Hockey pitch in Pakuranga. The Viaduct Harbour's name can be changed to the Olympic Village and everything'd be sweet as, bro. We could totally host the Summer games in the cold, damp Winter of 2012.