Tiresome Tuesday

It's just being a dick of a day - you know? those days? everyone has them every now and again so I tried to glide calmly through and not to rant *too* much though I wasn't entirely rant-free but James never listens to me anyway so no one was hurt.

Thanks to spammer/ihug/telecom/client/vodafone/ihug/telecom/spammer for injecting irritations into my day. For without irritations there would be nothing to compare the really good things in life to. Like, me getting my own way and, having lots more money in my back account and sitting quietly drinking coffee instead of pounding my fist on the table and inhaling 4 cups. Good on ya mate.

Overheard family fun:

context = talking about reality relying on a belief system: "Van Helsing's real, just like God and the Easter Bunny"
context = fighting over a bowl of orange jelly where the first speaker lost and the second speaker won but is sulking: "you're such a sook" "yeh, but I'm a sook with jelly."