Where Did Alex Go?

I am completely useless for anything today after my 45 minute shiatsu facial massage. O_M_G. My skin is *glowing*. Radiant. And completely *lickable*. Go Origins. What a delicious range of skin care products.

Today was the first time I tried a wheatgrass shot from the Juice Bar at Botany. It tasted grassy, funnily enough. But the Bar supplies a wedge of orange to ease the aftertaste. Phet, you're right [as if there was any doubt]. Here it is mid-afternoon and I'd normally be whinging about needing a nap by now - especially after watching the entire Walking with Beasts six episode documentary series last night before I could sleep - and even considering I had this amazing relaxing massage this morning, I am still feeling a good level of energy. It's a shame the juice bar is 15 minutes drive+parking away otherwise I'd try it every day.

Speaking of the ballet *ahem - non-existant segue* I am disappointed, dismayed and disgruntled that Alex Wagner isn't dancing in next month's Madame Butterfly.

Okay, I'm *really* upset now - looking for Alex's profile URL he's not featured as a dancer with the Company anymore. *MacCaughley Culkin scream*

aw crap

Seriously Unhappy about this turn of events.

that's the other side of the WORLD!

J�m�s: ��ello miss
Michelle:�i'm depressed.. alex wagner's left the nzroyal ballet to join a london company
J�m�s:���no!���*tries to care*���*fails*