Becoming Invisible

I mean.. sure.. I lie sometimes.. like that time I told the lady at Telecom Directory I was blind just to make her feel bad but hell.. I wasn't lying THIS time when I told the Service Station Guy that his service station had refilled my gas bottle several times before today - it's the only place I go to to get my gas bottle filled and this is like the 3rd or 4th time this winter - so suddenly they're refusing to do it because the bottle has expired in January.

I am beginning to think that a) no one's listening to me and b) when they do they instantly disregard what I'm saying.

"Michelle? How do you [insert something they don't know anything about]?"
"Oh, well, you [give answer to how to do the thing they know nothing about]"
"Are you sure? that doesn't sound right."
"yes I am sure, based on my experience and the fact i did it yesterday I can tell you that's exactly how to do it."
"I'm sure that's not right. I'm going to go ask someone with a lot less experience and intellect than you possess and see what they say because, although I personnally don't have any idea of the answer I am almost postitive you are wrong."

J m s: why did you tell the woman at Directory you were blind?

Michelle: i wanted a phone number.. and she said "its in the telephone book!!" and so i said "I'M BLIND I CANT READ THE TELEPHONE BOOK" - she felt bad and gave me the number which, incidently WASN'T in the phone book

J m s: you'll burn in hell for that one

Michelle: in for a penny, in for a pound

J m s: yeah, all the cool people are donw there anyway

Michelle: at least you'll be there

J m s: well I'd look bloody stupid wandering around in heaven, really sheepish cos I've spent my life saying 'doesn't exist'.

Michelle: you can just carry on saying it doesn't exist even when you're there cos if you're like ME no ones listening to you ANYWAY