Bulleted Update

a) trying to figure out a title for posts is becoming increasingly difficult. It actually stops me from posting here - which is typical of my personality but stupid at the same time. New Policy involves typing the title last which is weird to my sequencial mind because the title field is the first field on the page. Writing the title last is probably what everyone else does anyway or they've already crafted their post before they even sit *down* at their computer and have a title already formed and appropriate but as you know from previous word dumps by me here at the 'jar - that's not the case.

b) I went to the movies last night: The Day After Tomorrow with Denis Quaid and Jake Galen.. Galend.. Galendathal.. hold on *googles* you know.. the guy from Donnie Darko *still googling because I'm a slow Googler* Jake Gyllenhaal. Geeze, I was going to mention how he looks so much older than the part he's playing and here it says he's 24 - no wonder he looks like a man! He looked a hell of a lot older than 15/16 in Donnie Darko and now 3 years down the track he looks considerably older than the 17 year old he's playing. They should have made him a college kid and Denis Quaid and Sela Ward could just admit they had him young.

PS: his sister, Maggie Gyllenhall actually played his sister in Donnie Darko.

c) I still haven't had my ankle x-rayed. Mostly because I know the doctor's either going to confirm I've cracked the bone, or say I have ripped the muscle. Either way, he's going to say "Keep it elavated and rest it" and that's all he's going to say and I hate giving money to doctors at the best of times. It doesn't hurt to walk on - it does in fact hurt to NOT walk on it. If I have to sit for a while it begins to ache until it's unbearable and my leg goes a bit numb. I'm guessing blood flow problem there, and if I elevate it it just aches. It's been a couple of weeks but i can't tell if it's getting worse, or if I'm noticing now where I was too busy to notice the first week.

d) I meant to say in b) that I enjoyed the global warming disaster movie last night. I've always enjoyed "end of the world" type scenarios - although TDAT felt more like an advertisement for Halting Greenhouse Gases by the end of it. I especially liked the special effects. The Empire State Building snap freezing and its windows shattering was pretty darn cool. We've seen the Statue of Liberty and the City of New York cop a lot of disasters in the movies over the last few years. Between Godzilla and meteorites, I've gotten kind-of-used to seeing Yellow Taxi Cabs being tossed about like cardboard cutouts, and terrifying walls of water/reptile/explosions coming up behind me in my side rear view mirror.

I loved a British TV series back in the mid/late 70s (I think) called Survivors. In the case of Survivors, a mutant virus devastates the Earth's population so quickly no one has time to do much but die. The cities become full of dead and the survivors push out into the countryside and gather in small groups trying to survive and build a community. Another called Threads explored life during and after a nuclear conflict proving the British really do "bleak" better than anyone.

e) This weekend is Queen's Birthday Weekend - that gives us today (monday) off work. I've actually taken the entire weekend off and haven't done a thing worth a spit all weekend. I slept all day Saturday - getting up only to go over to Greg's place for pizza (that stuffed crust stuff is nasty) and watch (or try to, his tv is stuffed) Master and Commander (bor ring - due in part, no doubt, to the fact there was no R in the R G B). I went out shopping with Greg yesterday to replace his television with one that has all the colours in the tv rainbow. We left the techos of the house to put the new tv and dvd together and went to the London Shed to join Sonia and Mike and watch the Warriors beat the Canberra Raiders (I hate those guys) - their 4th win from 12 games this season (it's been a bit rough). Then back to Greg's to see Fear Factor lamest episode *eva* (family fear factor is just dumb) so zipped off to the movies (the above mentioned movie) then home to my toasty bed and more sleep.

I thought I'd work today - being self employed public holidays don't really hold much water - but I slept in and so now I've decided to continue the theme and do nothing for the rest of the day. Maybe I can fashion a business model for doing nothing for a living. Nah, too much work.

f) Email rules. That's not so much a cry in the street as an attempt at organising my inbox. Trying to get all the spam into one folder is turning into an artform. Deciding to change my tack and have everything else go into folders so only spam is in my inbox and therefore easier to delete. I get so much of it and don't know how to make it stop without paying my ISP who will, instead, send me a note saying "we deleted this email because it was spam" every five minutes. My comments here at the 'jar are beginning to be spammed too. Even my PO Box gets mostly unsolicited mail and brochures. Spam is everywhere and i hate it SO much.

g) I've decided to entitle this entry "Bulleted Update".