He put the 'Ty' in thrifty!

ARIES (March 21-April 19): July is Reinvent Your Family Month, and
today begins Home Improvement Week. Your short-term assignment is to
beautify your sanctuary. Get rid of stuff that tends to keep you locked into
sterile memories, and fill the place with fresh symbols and accessories
that make you excited about the future. That should get you in the mood for
the more demanding task, which is to change whatever needs to be changed
in order to create the exact family feeling you have always wanted. (read your own)

It's like it was "meant to be" - my stars read that I need a lot of home improvement on the day I discover Ty. It seems it is meant to be. Cheeky, spikey and good with his hands - did God make him especially for me because I've been such a good girl lately?

I have so!!

Two things I don't have that other people have: pictures of their cat, and an "about" section. And seeing as an About section isn't coming any-time-soon, here're cat pictures. I don't have a cat but I know one - she pretty much hates me but she sure in heck loves that troll doll.

Trixie and her pet troll Trixie - she loves her Troll almost as much as she loves chicken

GOD DAMMIT.. I want this RIGHT NOW. When I bought my Mac this was $10,000 more expensive than it is today and i want it RIGHT NOW. I don't like the look of the new flat panels from Mac, plus the 30" weighs a ton! (well, a dozen kilos or so) and my trinitron's making funny click-cricketing sounds that only mean one thing - it will die the same day Totally Mac sells their last discounted flat panel display to some_one_else.