Condoms and Cellphones

I wanted to make a comment about this story in the Herald yesterday:"School says sorry over students' pre-ball condoms" but couldn't form my sillyputtywords into the right shape - so just listen to Nandor Tanczos cos some of what I wanted to say, he says.

EvErY ThInG HaPpEnS 4 a ReAsOn (17 yr old girl):
i think it was a good idea 4 edgewater to hand out condoms, its better because their school dus have a nasty rep, you should see some of the dominatrix shit the girls wear to the balls...they're honestly planning to do something, the school just doesnt wanna be held responsible for their drunkin moments resulting in pregnancy.. honestly, the outfits i saw on some of those girls...i cant believe they were allowed in to the ball..all teenagers want it, and on ball night everyone gets every way.

And as far as this article in the same paper, I agree but "Where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy, they should have legal recourse if they are secretly photographed when they are in a state of undress, or engaged in sexual activity.." the roof of the Stamford Plaza, lying around in skimpy bathing costumes, with limbs akimbo, surrounded by high-rise buildings is *not* a place to expect reasonable privacy - neither is your room if you push your naked partner up against the window and "take her"* from behind.

*yeh, i'm really sorry there was no photographic evidence of that but I was so shocked for the entire 20 minute erm..performance.. I didn't grab the camera.