Same Again?


My head has the dull ache of Montieth's Black and loud music. We started at the Provedor - me arriving with a 12" Chicken Fillet Subway Sandwich - all class! Split it with Mitch as she caught me up on all the "goings on" at my old work. And hooo-nanny there's been some "goings on".

After a while our group grew and eventually we left the Prov to see if we could get into Lenin's Ice Bar around the corner. Of course we didn't have a reservation and the wait was over two hours so we flagged that and spent our cover charge at The Loaded Hog. I'm not a big fan of the Loaded Hog - it's too big and loud and meat-markety but we had a fair enough time there. I piked around 1am and went home, leaving the hardy partiers of our group to the rest of the evening.