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Cool Banana Videos

Crikey there're some good music videos around at the moment - and some of the very best are from New Zealand!

I don't know anything at all about Yellowcard except I like their video "Ocean Avenue" repetitive theme very much.

Infectious, bouncey and homegrown, Fast Crew have made a joyous quirky video with the release of "I got...". I love everything about this video especially that one of the guys opens his mouth as wide as he can to get all his words out - and am fascinated by the checkboard dance mat - is it the same one from Steriogram's "White Trash", the Boost Mobile advert on tv and Scribe's (can't remember the name of the song) video? or does The Warehouse sell these checkerboard mats really cheap? :)

Op Shops latest "No Ordinary Thing" is just beautiful, 3D animation - the colours, the ideas, the execution - I can't get enough of watching it. I heard the boys interviewed and the brief they gave the designers was to make something that included a the world exploding in reverse and a video where the viewer always got something new from it every time they watched it and by joves, the designers managed both things! and of course the song rocks as well.

I can't help but sing loud to Hoobastank's "The Reason" and hereby apologise to anyone within listening distance. It's SO singable! I like the video too - and watch it whenever I can. It reminds me of website interfaces for some reason. That worn/weathered look of the back of the store and in the vaults is similar to the look of cool sites in various corners of the interweb (and maybe in a Jar near you this Summer)

"Ride" by The Vines is awesome by the very thought of so many drum kits all playing at the same time. I'd LOVE to hear what that sounded like before they overlay'd the clean track. Watching all the bands rocking out is really really COOL.

As everyone knows, I don't know much about music. I only listen to music in the car, and hardly anywhere else except when I bust out singing a chorus or wrangle the karaoke microphone off whomever has it and won't give it back - but I do like a little C4 most days because I love watching music videos and these are definately worth a look if you haven't seen them yet.