Are You Ready to RUMBLEEEE

It's that time of year again - Test the Nation and no, i didn't have anything better to do because I like taking tests, filling in forms, circling my answers with a sharp HB pencil and marking my results with a red biro oh yes sir I had a GOOD TIME TONIGHT.

I did worst in vocabulary which won't surprise ANY of you. Blimmin' anagrams - I can't unscramble a word to save_my_life. Though I surprised myself by doing well at the numerical section and poorly in the spacial section - I would have thought the reverse would've been true.

I scored 124 IQ - heh! it hardly shows!

Deciding to input my results into the online version of the test I managed to stuff it up and get my a's and b's tangled with my c's and d's and scored something like an 80 IQ so we won't be counting *that* against me.

Yawl can take the test yourself by going onto the site and registering - you americans? you can't cos you'll drag our National IQ down and skew the results.


well I thought that was funny.