The Suck

North Queensland Cowgirls 28 - Vodafone Warriors 26

It didn't rain - I got to yell lots. But we lost - again. Suckimoto.

You can see from the photo how many empty seats there are - they used to be full every home-game last season. But each week with each loss the fan base stays away. And me with a season pass. Last season and the season before if you were late there were no seats, now you can sit anywhere you damn well please. Nah, I like having a season pass and I like showing up to the home-games and I like yelling at the opposition and I hate watching my team lose but I love watching them try or not try - anyway.

Starbucks coffee is truly awful. The one I got from Starbucks, Westfield Plaza Pakuranga was so hot I couldn't drink it, THEN when my tastebuds finally encountered the much hankered for latte grande they were so displeased they made me leave the entire concoction behind a pillar in the car park.

Horrible stuff.

I made the effort to drive to Botany to get a decent cup at Ed Browns - it was worth the detour.

magnetic poetry - only decent thing offered by Starbucks