Aliens and Ferris Wheels

I didn't dream about Colin, though, unfortunatelyI had two widescreen technocolour dreams last night. The first was a thriller, the second was science fiction.

In the thriller I was a boy, and in a ferris wheel carriage with someone I knew to be the baddie, but knew the baddie didn't know I knew he was the baddie. But then it all went to custard when he tipped the both of us out of the ferris wheel carriage at the top of the ride. The baddie was holding onto a chain and was kindof tied to the carriage as well so was in little danger of falling (he'd planned it you see) and all i had to hold onto was fishing nylon - and I knew I couldn't hold it for long!! I knew someone was coming to help because I'd confided my suspicions to this person I just had to hold on long enough. The baddie still didn't know I knew he was a baddie before he turfed me out of the carriage and so had no clue help was coming. But help was taking a very long time.

The second dream was set in furturistic New Plymouth. We were in a bunker-like complex overlooking the Tasman Sea, with huge wheat fields behind us. This time I was a woman, and I had an 8 year old daughter. She was out playing with her friends and I was working in the tower - we seemed to be a monitoring station of sorts. I noticed four water spouts out at sea, and as we watched them (monitoring their progress) a huge shadow fell over the facility. Like a cloud over the sun, but looking up and out of the huge wall of plateglass we saw it was a huge craft.

Aliens - I didn't see THAT coming. They somehow docked (for want of a better word) with the window and they were like.. pinky octopussy kinda thingies but we knew, they'd come for the females - they wanted to take all the females and were killing the men and taking the women and female children onto their ship. Lots of running and hiding and me trying to get to the field where my smart daughter and her friends had decided to hide. It was all a bit "planet of the apes" down there. That's about when i woke up.

Just thought you'd like to know.