Nothing Ever Changes

Slinking around the usual traps, Danny Gregory's site mentioned the WayBackMachine. I haven't been over to the Internet Archives for ages, so I clicked and I typed in some URLs.

You probably remember this, but, do you remember this? or this this? or THIS??

Holy Crap. I was half expecting the original SouthBeach site (you know the one, my first one, with Christmas decorations and 53 animated gifs and the embedded midi "save the best til last") to be there, but it wasn't. Thank goodness/what a shame.

I need new material! I haven't had so much fun doing anything since colaborating with Kv way back when. If you look closely (rover and spot) you will see the *very* first ever graphics I created for the web - and I still think they're good!

in a galaxy far, far away