Lana's feeling better and "over the worst" they say. It's strange that The Herald's been filing her illness under the Entertainment section. I would have thought her illness more News, than Entertainment.

Entertainment is a word to use loosely around the NZ Idol show. Billy Connolly described our contestants as "talantless fucks" at the beginning of the competition and really, on a par with the other shows of this format, we don't fare so well.

But the format works. Okay - the format works on me. I can't help it. Aussie Idol, American Idol, NZ Idol, World Idol. I just love sitting on my couch, feet on the coffee table saying "yep, yep, nope, no way, oh-my-god-what-was-THAT?" every Sunday night. I had opinions on Clay Atkin and the Teddybear guy; I gasps with the rest of the Idol audience when Cosima withdrew from the competition leaving the woefully inadequate Shannon "He should have been knocked out in any of the last 5 rounds" Knolls and Guy "go the 'fro" Sebastian; I was impressed to all hell and back by the little hobbet guy who took out the World Idol with his fabulous "Stars in Their Eyes" performance of U2's Beautiful Day.

I don't bother with the Monday night elimination round because, quite frankly i've already decided who goes and sometimes they agree with me and sometimes they don't - and of course, I *never* vote.

I'm expecting Camillia to go tonight, and the Live Final to be between Ben and Michael. I'd love to see Michael win if only because he's the only one who doesn't crouch when he's singing - the other two have been to the Shania Twain School of Performance and can't keep their legs together.