Raining in the City

view over Auckland's CBD from Symond's Street office

Today felt like a wintery day. Making our way up to the client's site, their granite paved entranceway sloshed in wet foot-prints and umbrella run-offs, it was nice to be in the climate-controlled offices with a job to do and tools to do it.

Recording narration with people who can do it is one of the good parts of my job. And one of the best things about recording people is that sometimes they say things that aren't scripted while still wearing the microphone. Shane told a story detailing a couple of his experiences with food and customers (190kb) and I was pleased I had pushed "record" because he made me laugh.

On our way back to the office, Shane counciled me into a new cell phone - he's an expert, you see. So now I have this [I'm told it's snazzy looking but I have no idea - I am phone-unknown] new Alcatel 735. I'm not a phone person. I could care less what sort of phone I have so long as it does what I need it to do and I know how to get it to do the things I need it to do. I was all Captain Un-Co until I got the hang of it earlier this evening though I managed to miss my very first call completely. Sorry, Todd - but I did pick up your voicemail and it was clear as a bell.

I had a nice drink with Todd after work today at Mad Dogs. We haven't been there in forever. Rosie came in for a drive-by-hello too. After Todd's historically-typical dash for the 6:30pm ferry, I decided I'd go find some dinner and take the later boat.

First stop Whitcoulls where I got into the store just as they were pulling down the security grates - seems "late night shopping" in Downtown Auckland means 7 o'clock closing. I knew what book I wanted, but I didn't know the title, or the author or really what it was about but I asked anyway. Turns out "Unravelled Bride" is enough to jog a Bookseller's mind into knowing I meant "The Bride Stripped Bare". The inside flap describes the plot as "a woman disappears, her car abandoned on a remote bluff. She was always thought to be the good wife: devoted, faithful, content. But she has left behind an incendiary diary chronicling a disturbing journey of sexual awakening." Reading this out-loud to the remaining three staff members at Whitcoulls and they became very interested in the book and want me to report back.

Taking my book, I headed over to Thai Chilli to have my usual [Pad Thai and a Pineapple Mocktail]. Taking the ferry home, I sat out on the deck. It was raining and I got wet but between the fresh air and the view of the misty city skyline, it was worth it. When we got to Ferry Landing, I was pleased and touched to find Greg there with an umbrella to share during the walk back to the carpark and the very welcome driving-me-home. Above and beyond the call of duty for an exhusband, but appreciated especially considering the number of heavy objects I was lugging and the no-bus-policy for ferries after 8pm.

Coming home to my tidy snug house was so nice this evening. It didn't take long for the heater to dry me out and make me feel like I'm almost ready for bed. All-in-all I've had a nice day.

native bird tiling feature on Queen Street, Auckland