Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the HatWorking at home today was hindered, somewhat, by my forgetfulness in leaving most of my assets on my USB Memory Stick in Rosie's computer. A little juggling around of tasks meant my workday tomorrow is a little longer, but my fun time today was just about perfect!

David and I decided via MSN to go to the movies. Due to lack of transportation and the inability to figure out the bus timetables, we decided to each leave our respective homes and meet half way to the movies and walk together the rest of the way. It was windy today but fairly sunny so it was a very pleasent walk indeed.

We saw The Cat in the Hat and both really enjoyed it.

I really like the trailers before the movie starts, and i was *so* pleased to see the trailer for Thunderbirds again - I'm really *really* looking forward to that. Thunderbirds and Shrek2 seem to be taking an awfully long time to get here.

We had such a nice afternoon. Played Daytona500 and Airhockey after the movie. Then we walked over to the Highland Park Bookstore. I had it in my head I wanted to buy a book by Phillip K Dick. The only one they had there was Paycheck - recently made into a movie with the same name starring Ben Affleck. Although this was the original 1955 novel, it had the 2004 cover from the movie and I just didn't want to buy it. Mostly because it was ugly, and also because I was embarrassed to go up to the counter with such a cheap looking "book-of-the-movie" type cover. They didn't have any other Phillip K Dick novels. I think I will source them through a secondhand bookstore instead. (in case you weren't aware: Phillip K Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" was made into the film Blade Runner, "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" into Total Recall and The Minority Report into Minority Report with Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell.