My Friend J.D

So this is my embarrassing little secret. Recently, my dreams have been populated with the cast of television shows. Queer Eye (that I saw them in a mall; I was surprised at how short they were) and Scrubs (1. That I was walking down the hill beside the house with J.D, and I mentioned that people would think we were going into the bush to pash (how intermediate school) even though we weren't. 2. That there was a product-placement conspiracy, whenever the guys from Scrubs got their burgers from McDonald's they looked just like the pictures on the menu board (if not even better!) and so I wanted to go around lots of Mcdonaldses to see if they got this preferential treatment at all of them.)

To clarify, in these dreams I was not in the shows, they were in RosieLife.

After telling this to my sister, she had a dream about the guys from Queer Eye as well, that very night: that she was following them around as they made-over some guy, and they were so very confident in their shopping, and she was not, and she felt bad.

Right, so the original motivation for bringing this up was that Michael J. Fox is going to be on Scrubs tonight and - like that will help my little problem.

[Later] Double episode! <squeals>