One Espresso, Two Espresso, Three Espresso - Wall!

I can't design anything.. I designed my business cards and then I thought it looked too much like something else and someone might accuse me of pinching it and I love the idea of the illumination thing for the jamjar but then i think about how i should do that to make it as scrumptious as i want it and then i think I need like 80 hours and its so daunted I do nothing but then i think.. I dont want to just chuck a picture on the jamjar although throwing a table on there would help poor pc users I had coffee I had coffee too late at night I'll never get to sleep now after not having coffee all day then having coffee now no thats not strictly true i had a coffee this morning and it was sstrong then i had one with james then he ordered another one so i guess thats like four coffees today in all and thats a lot more than the one previously stated.