Monday Feels Like a Tuesday

I think I'm getting the hang of this. I'm used to typing into Blogger and publishing at the drop of a hat* - but by utilising the "draft" option on Moveable Type and publishing once a day, I might actually be on to something. [Team Jar'll be getting passwords soon I've just been too busy to think - but soon my pretties, soon]

Inch High Private EyeArmageddon was disappointing this year, not the least because I lingered long at the Origins** counter and missed Mr Sulu. His 12-1pm talk was the entire point of my $14 entrance fee but I'd lost interest in the show around 10:30am and had wandered out to Dymocks, then Smith and Caughey's for a makeover and a shopping spree. Corin Nemec was another of the celebrity guests and looked less like Parker Lewis or that Stargate guy then he did a forgotten country and music singer. I didn't get up-close-and-personal, mostly because a) i'm far too cool for that and b) I'm not paying $35 for the pleasure. I mean, c'mon: $35? Even with the flow of the venue forcing people to walk past the celeb table to get anywhere, they still weren't exactly swept off their feet by the number of kiwis willing to part with the price of a new CD and a copy of Ralph.

Although my intentions were to attend the convention until lunchtime, taking the ferry home to work the afternoon - I ended up seeing Cody Banks 2 which I enjoyed more than synching audio to Flash slides had I been a good little contractor and gone home as planned. So basically, I blew Saturday off and opted to work all day Sunday being a complete dork and failing to capture any video whatsoever because - as Simon says, I have "man's eyes" (thats not to say i have only eyes for men but more that i can't see for looking) and managed to not find the Firewire I needed to use Carolyn's laptop to capture the video of the lovely Kevin and make my video as planned. Don't worry, it only took 6 flaming hours to figure make my movie after all the software installing and cable grabbing etc. Sheesh.

Up early this morning and on the 7am ferry saw an early start at work to a frustrating fight with [previously working] files that wouldn't work. It was so frustrating I ended up switching task to making music with loops in Adobe Audition. I can tell you this for nothing - computers don't make music easier, they just make lousy musicians louder. It was fun though.

My day was capped off nicely though by a call from the ever-lovely Graham who phoned to say hello and we chirped each other up and had a very nice end to [relatively] painless days. I know it's weird I suppose but when I'm not feeling terribly ahh.. on-form, I think people ah.. like me because they're polite or, because of circumstance or, some other self deriding, half-baked reason my out-of-kilter brain has decided but - he called for one thing, and asked who was in the office and when he was told I was there wanted to talk to me then, at the end, paid me a wonderful compliment of having relaxed him after a very stressful, full-on-day and, well - I was chuffed my brain was wrong.

A long day, two ferry rides, a dummy spit [internal], a letting go [bye bye control freakizoid] and a pizza delivery and here I am in my snug little home with my electric blanket on "2" warming up to perfect toastiness with me looking forward to getting into it. I've discovered a warm bed and a good book the perfect end to most days.

*Not that I didn't have the "post" option in Blogger, which does exactly the same thing - I just rarely utilised it.
**I bought lots of lovely makeup - I love buying makeup as much as I like buying books and plastic containers.

PS: Today, for the first time since Easter Friday, I feel a bit .. happier. :)