An Extraordinary Day

Started with a meeting at 7am which lead to being offered a snippet of a larger project - be proud of me, it is a fully fledged real-live project - my first *real* one as a freelance designer.

Then, the day gained momentum with being asked to go to Sydney to help with the training of people on the project I'm contracted to at the moment.

I managed to snap the leg [or is it arm?] from my glasses. which was highly annoying seeing as i had to drive home with one hand while holding the glasses on my nose with the other and still managing to choke til my eyes watered when i carelessly swallowed my own saliva [yeh, that's really attractive] and have it go down the wrong pipe.

And ended with a company I interviewed with last year [a very good and inspiring interview] phoning me at home and offering me a job, which unfortunately, I had to decline. Had they phoned 8 weeks ago I would have taken it. That's what happens when you take 8 months to get back to a person - they don't hang around waiting for you to get your ducks in a line!

Now I'm tired.
Good - but tired.