I�m having trouble finding time to �blog [yes, and email, yes I know]

I�ve brought my laptop to the �squishy seats� in the PriceWaterhouseCoopers building to see if I have anything to say while James and Rosie talk, and the dark headed coffee boy [Peter] brings me coffee.

After looking forward to the Academy Awards � well, since the last one � and missed most of it due to a late night at work. I did get home in time to be disappointed that Bill Murray didn�t win Best Actor. I don�t cope well with the �Sean Penn is due for an Oscar� argument.

What�s with Charlize Theron � don�t they have eyebrows in South Africa?

I was completely amazed and impressed the next day when I read that Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won in every category it was nominated. I've never been so pleased to be wrong as when I saw Peter Jackson win Best Director.

Okay, I�ve hesitated to tell you this because, well, I have to admit to a new obsession. I can�t say how long it will last but at the moment, the pull of the tiny acrylic paintbrush is stronger than most anything else once I get home. I�m painting LOTRs Role Playing figurines. It�s so addictive. �just one more� and suddenly its late and there�s silver paint on my skirt and black paint all over my fingernails from holding the tiny shields.

I have a small squad of goblins, a few Lothlorian archers and some [deep movie voice] Men of Gondorrrr. Ahem

(next week I have a metal Frodo, FYI)

*some random thing I found on my desktop - dated sometime last week*

Not online but blogging all the same. Sitting at Serious Espresso listening to Holly, Terese and the Guy�s [Courier Guy = classic good looks and stunning calf muscles only developed from years of professional cycling] conversation. They�re talking about Nip Tuck, the new show on TV2, Monday nights.

I could quite happily stay here all day. The coffee is good and it�s warm and it�s funny. I could stand to do all my work from down here. I need Whoosh � actually, I don�t � if I did I�d never get any work done, too busy surfing/blogging/chatting from wild and exotic Locals.

Terese seems to be off her medicine again � she�s so hyperactive and cheeky � I think most people come in here for her sass. She dishes it out with such machine gun regularity I�m sure that�s why so many men like being here.

It�s a strange transition for me at work. Although I am on contract with the mindshift of �doing what I�m paid to do� they all seem to keep forgetting I�ve left. I never intended to contract back to them this soon. I honestly thought I would spend the first 3 months putting into place marketing and networking plans, getting my website up and running and things like business cards printed. But instead I�ve been working on the design of a major project. My contract is up on Friday.

Trying to order two lattes to go is like trying to pull teeth around this joint � thank god for Holly or I�d never get coffee.