Milk-Moustached and Finding-Time-to-Blog Crikey, I'm

Milk-Moustached and Finding-Time-to-Blog

Crikey, I'm all about hyphens lately! Just when I was thinking I was a very-good-jam-jar and blogging every day, I went and skipped a few. Quick recap for those who need to know my every move - and mostly so next week I'll know what I did last week - (look, another hyphen!) I spent most of my weekend working on something-or-another.

You know, I've forgotten already.

I worked today - I know that. I cleared out my desk and my space and I hope everyone remembers the wall was a mess *before* I put my pictures up there - I suspect Rosie's going to notice the new Minimal Look in Michelle's Corner and make that sad sound she makes sometimes. Or, she won't - she might be looking ever-so-forward to a new, easy-to-use graphic designer replacement - who knows?

So I fitted my stuff into two snug boxes and a plastic bag and I carried the fiber-optic tree. Still - I'm a girl and not a very strong one so it took four trips to my car - one per package - at least I parked it on the foot path in the "no parking tow away zone" for trips number 2, 3 and 4. Had a nice long Latte with the ever-lovely-Todd which was a very nice bonus on a very sunny Sunday afternoon. I was thinking, for every Todd "it seems to me" I have a Michelle "I mean to say".

I was going to go see Lost in Translation this evening but decided to stay home and work on a document for a potential client - just as well I did, as with those sorts of things it took longer than I thought. As a treat for myself, I will pencil a movie trip tomorrow night and try not to break my date with myself again.

I've just finished a lemon-pepper-tuna (I know, it sounded bad when I read the label too, but on consumption, it was really quite okay) sandwich and a glass of milk. That's put an end to my sugar-spiking-ways and it's time to sleep.