Yes it's raining. Yes I

Yes it's raining.

Yes I left my umbrella at work last night.

I phoned Greg this morning - he'd offered, last night, to let me hitch a ride into Auckland City this morning, but because of the rain, his job in there had been cancelled, and therefore, so had the offer of the ride, how many, commas, do you think one person, can use, in a sentence? anyway - I asked if he a) had a spare umbrella I could use and b) if he would mind too much delivering it so I wouldn't get saturated on my way to work this morning. He duly arrived, as promised, and delivered a blue telescopic umbrella. As he pulled up at the ferry - because he was nice enough to give me a lift to the jetty rather than catch the bus, I joked "Did you test this umbrella before you came down? does it work?" as I opened the umbrella to see the thing *opened* broken - kind of *almost* inside out and with a few broken spokes to give it a "jaunty" look.

At least Greg's day started with a giggle.

It wasn't any drier under that umbrella, but at least - to the casual glance of a fellow umbrella'd pedestrian, it appeared as if I had been organised enough to be prepared for the weather.

And I'm at work having flashbacks from my last two and a half years. I'm a normal phoneanswering - ezinecreating - answerphonemessengerrecording - cdburning - computercrashing - projectmanagering-projectstuffing - Michelle again. It didn't last long.